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Project Description
HydroPad is a client iPad app for accessing data from the CUAHSI hydrologic information system.

HydroPad will be an iPad (iOS) and Android (Java) app that replicates many of the key/core functions of HydroDesktop (see including data search and discovery and display of graphs of data retrieved from the CUAHSI HIS (see Additionally HydroPad will allow for data upload to a specific HydroServer using authentication, thus enabling HydroPad to serve as a data collection and upload field app.

HydroPad is currently in the design and early prototyping stages.

Key Elements of the project

HydroPad has 2 parts. The following figure shows the basic architecture of Hydro Pad

Use case(1) ~ Data Discovery Architecture
Part(1) HydroPad.png

Use case(1) ~ Sequence of Operations

Use case(2) ~ Data Acquisition Architecture
Part(2) HydroPad.png

Use case(2) ~ Sequence of Operations

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